Privacy and data protection

Sheybani provides up to date relevant advice on the way in which organisations ought to handle private information. Privacy is important to both our clients and their clients. With increased awareness from the public, increased pressure is being applied on corporations to keep and maintain the most trusted privacy policies and practices applicable. The more trust our clients are able to generate amongst their customers, the more likely the customer is willing to share private information without fear of any breaches or risks. We are able to provide advice on breaches of privacy regarding the Internet, social media, and in the work place. We also provide advice on the developing tort of privacy and its influence on legislative provisions being considered and its impact on our clients.

The firm’s principal practitioner has spent many years in this area of the law and has conducted doctorate level research and studies in this area. Sheybani is able to provide advice both on the old NPPs and IPPs pursuant to the current Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), and the new APPs which commenced in 2013.

With the legislative changes and ongoing challenges from online resources, we will ensure that our clients’ rights are maintained.

Additionally we are able to provide advice in the following areas:

  • • the developing tort of privacy;
  • • general State and Federal privacy laws, the Spam Act 2003 (Cth) and the Do Not Call Register Act 2006 (Cth);
  • • privacy issues in relation to database creation and management, mergers and acquisitions, trans-border data flows of personal information and electronic authentication and verification;
  • • privacy issues relating to the handling health and other sensitive information, workplace surveillance and surveillance devices legislation;
  • • privacy compliance audits and polices; and
  • • privacy impact assessments.

Privacy law changes

The Federal Privacy Act, was updated effective as of 12 March 2013 though the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 (Cth). These changes are important and require reviewing and amending in order to comply with the changes.

The Statutory changes will impact the way in which your organisation deals with personal information. In order to avoid any potential privacy breach, your organisation’s internal privacy protocols will need to be updated.

Sheybani is able to review your organisation’s internal and external protocols and to update your privacy policy to ensure that your business is compliant with the APPs.