Cyber risks

Technological advancements have meant new challenges to both individuals and companies. Increased exposure to the online world has resulted in a rapid rise in online incidences of cyber crime, including hacking, identity theft, and data breaches. These incidences of cyber crime can result in tremendous damage to both the individual and the businesses operating on the web. In addition, companies are placed under increasing external pressures to comply with regulators and other security advisors to provide protection for personal information and to guard against the risk of bringing harm to the goodwill and reputation of their clients and other businesses they deal with.

Sheybani provides advice designed to prevent and limit the exposure of our clients to cyber risks and other internet related vulnerabilities.

These include:

  • • Policy and compliance
  • • Privacy and data protection
  • • Online risk reduction and prevention
  • • Cloud computing and security issues
  • • International jurisdiction compliance
  • • Compliance with international data regulations
  • • Reporting of data breaches to the Information Commissioner’s Office
  • • Online libel issues and takedown actions